Here are some Season 4 Quotes, to access the onces from the previous season, Click Here.

Phoebe :... I guess y'know I was born, and everyone started lying their asses off!(from 4.01)

Chandler : Oh my God! If you say that one more time, Iím gonna break up with you!(from 4.01)

Monica :(talking about peeing on her self) Anyway I-I tried, but I-I couldnít...bend that way. (from 4.01)

Monica :(talking to Chandler) Okay, all right, I think youíre great, I think youíre sweet, and youíre smart, and I love you. But you will always be the guy who peed on me. (from 4.01)

Chip :...and I gave him a wedgie.
Monica : Isnít he an architect now?
Chip : Yeah, they still wear underwear.(from 4.02)

Rachel : Wow! They really got you guys. Your T.V. The chairs.
Phoebe : Oh yeah, your microwave. The stereo.
Joey : (looking through a deck of cards) Aww, man, he took the five of spades!! Oh, no-no-no, here it is!(from 4.02)

Chandler : Oh, umm, Joey was born, and then 28 years later, I was robbed!!(from 4.02)

Monica :(Entering from her bedroom) How desperate am I?
Rachel : Oh! Good thing Chandlerís not here, he always wins at this game.(from 4.03)

The Encyclopedia Salesman : Do you ah, currently own a set of encyclopedias?
Joey : No! No. But ah, try the classifieds, people sell everything in there.(from 4.03)

The Encyclopedia Salesman : Letís see, ahhh... Where does the Pope live?
Joey : In the woods. No wait-wait, thatís the joke answer.(from 4.03)

The Encyclopedia Salesman :... what do you know about vulcanised rubber?
Joey : Spockís birth control.(from 4.03)

MORE TO COME SOON...REAL SOON...REALLY REALLY SOON...(before the end of this century)

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