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The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition soundtrack was released shortly after the release of the Special Edition movies, around March 1997. Each movie was to get a CD pack of its own. All the music from the movie and some never before released music are found in each pack, with over 2 hours per movie (a total of more than 6 hours of music for the Trilogy). To find out and hear samples from each, click on the CDs below:

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Star Wars : A New Hope

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Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back

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Star Wars : Return of the Jedi

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Note: All sound files are provided for sampling and educating people about the versatility of MP3 and so on. Besides, these files are of poor quality (22khz mono) with limited length (50sec). If you want a full CD quality version, first go to the MP3 of the Week page, or even better buy the CD (legally) from me at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dungeon/1966/index.html

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