Welcome stranger. We have brought you here to the future of another dimension through the internet. In our dimension, the journeys of Star Trek and its series have become our real history. The year is 2380, and despite the success of the Dominion in infiltrating Alpha Quadrant governments, we, the Overseers are displeased. The Overseers were the original creators of the Changlings, and even the Borg, through genetic experiments. WE ARE THE ULTIMATE CONTROLLER.
The rebel Jem'Hadar are gaining footholds all over the Gamma Quadrant and drastic actions have to be taken. We have devised a plan to use you, humans of another dimension, to hijack the Defiant, as you have knowledge of the Star Trek Universe. We will gain valuable data from this exercise, maybe even enough to disable DS9 and begin our invasion. First, Bajor will fall, then the Cardassians, Klingons, and of course the Federation.
We have injected you with a lethal dose of a special poison, and only we have the cure. Do as we say or die, resistance is futile.

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