Here are some important links that I think all of you should know by heart now, plus some that might just interest you.

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General Links
Games Links
Movies and TV Links
Music Links

General Links and stuff:
My Friend's Home Page:
CNET News :
Microsoft US site :
Microsoft AUS site :
Get IE 4:
FTP Search 95 :
FTP Search V4.0 :
Netspace Internet
Games and stuff:
Gamespot :
Gamespot AUS - kiss ass game site :
3D Gamers FTP - get Duke and Quake stuff :
Game Centre - CNET's game site :
Westwood Studios, makers of Red Alert, C&C, Bladerunner, LOL.... :
Lucasarts Web Site : :
Movies, TV and stuff:
Friends Cafe - Kiss ass Friends Site :
Celeb Plastic Surgery site - :
Star Wars - Check this out, facts about the new movies... :
Star Wars 3D Modelling Alliance (SWMA) :
Music and stuff:
Hollywood Online | MovieTunes :
Get WinAmp :
Get Real Player 5.0 :
Get Yamaha Soft Synth : Warning: Program might be out of date, check its Jap site first :

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