Below are friends scripts transcribed by other people who have the patients and the skills to do this kind of stuff. As most of you know, the current series of Friends has already reached its fourth season (in most places around the world) and so because of screening differences, you might be reading a script that hasn't even been shown on TV yet (at least in your country, especially in Australia as all the TV stations suck in bringing the latest shows to air). Enjoy.

Scripts are listed in chronological order

Due to space limitations, the first three season scripts are zipped.

Scripts are used by Permission from Eric Aesan of the Complete Friends Script Index. These are not real scripts (that the actors read from) but transcripts by Eric. So you can see how much work he has put into it, its an amazingly welldone job too. Thanks also goes to Guineapig, the original creator of CFSI - for which without him, this page won't even exist, Thanks a bunch.

Season 1:
Click to download Season 1 scripts in zip format
Click to Download Season 1 scripts
(containing episodes listed below) in zip format

TOW Monica Gets a New Roommate
TOW the Sonogram at the End
TOW the Thumb
TOW George Stephanopoulos
TOW the East German Laundry Detergent
TOW the Butt
TOW the Blackout
TOW Nana Dies Twice
TOW Underdog Gets Away
TOW the Monkey
TOW Mrs. Bing
TOW the Dozen Lasagnes
TOW the Boobies
TOW the Candy Hearts
TOW the Stoned Guy
TOW Two Parts, Part 1
TOW Two Parts, Part 2
TOW all the poker
TOW the Monkey Gets Away
TOW the Evil Orthodontist
TOW the Ick Factor
TOW The Fake Monica
TOW With the Birth
TOW Rachel find out

Season 3:
Click to download Season 3 scripts in zip format
Click to Download Season 3 scripts
(containing episodes listed below) in zip format

TOW Ross' New Girlfriend
TOW The Breast Milk
TOW Heckles Dies
TOW Phoebe's Husband
TOW With Five Steaks and a Funeral
TOW With The Baby On The Bus
TOW Ross Finds Out
TOW The List
TOW Phoebe's Dad
TOW Russ
TOW The Lesbian Wedding
TOW The One After The Superbowl (Part I and II)
TOW The Prom Video
TOW Ross and Rachel...You Know
TOW Joey Moves Out
TOW Eddie Moves In
TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies
TOW Eddie Won't Go
TOW Old Yeller Dies
TOW The Bullies
TOW The Two Parties
TOW The Chicken Pox
TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding

Season 2:
Click to download Season 2 scripts in zip format
Click to Download Season 2 scripts
(containing episodes listed below) in zip format

TOW The Princess Leia Fantasy
TOW No One's Ready
TOW The Jam
TOW The Tunnel
TOW Frank, Jr.
TOW The Flashback
TOW The Race Car Bed
TOW The Giant Poking Device
TOW The Football
TOW Rachel Quits
TOW Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister
TOW All The Jealousy
TOW Monica And Richard Are Friends
TOW Phoebe's Ex-Partner
TOW Ross and Rachel Take A Break
TOW The Morning After
TOW (ithout) The Ski Trip
TOW Hypnosis Tape
TOW The Tiny T-Shirt
TOW The Dollhouse
TOW A Chick and The Duck
TOW Screamer
TOW Ross' Thing
TOW The Ultimate Fighting Champion
TOW The Beach

Season 4:
Click to download Season 4 scripts in zip format
Click to download Season 4 scripts
(contains episodes listed below) in zip format.
OR Click on link to view each episode separately

TOW The One With The Jellyfish
TOW The Cat
TOW The 'Cuffs
TOW The Ballroom Dancing
TOW Joey's New Girlfriend
TOW The Dirty Girl
TOW Chandler Crosses The Line
TOW Chandler In A Box
TOW They're Going To Party!
TOW The Girl From Poughkeepsie
TOW Phoebe's Uterus
TOW The Embryos
TOW Rachel's Crush
TOW Joey's Dirty Day
TOW All The Rugby
TOW The Fake Party
TOW The Free Porn
TOW Rachel's New Dress
TOW All The Haste
TOW All The Wedding Dresses
TOW The Invitations
TOW The Worst Best Man Ever
TOW Rossís Wedding Parts I and II

Season 5:
Click on link to view each episode separately

TO After Ross Says Rachel (season Premier)
TOW All the Kissing
THE ONE Hundredth (100th show spectacular!)
TOW Phoebe hates PBS
TOW All the Kips
TOW The Yeti
TOW Ross Moves In
TOW The Thanksgiving Flashbacks

More episodes coming soon ...

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